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Your smile is the mirror to your soul

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Having a Nice Smile
is Important

As our eyes are the window to our souls, our smiles are the window to our hearts. Up to 96% of adults link the beautiful smile with professional and personal success. Still, 50% of those people are not really satisfied with their smiles.
Many factors can affect our smile and appearance. Some people feel completely happy with the natural shape of their teeth and prefer not to change it. On the other hand, a number of problems that affect a smile’s aesthetics like:

  • Missing teeth
  • Too-wide teeth gaps or teeth overlap
  • Crooked teeth
  • Discoloration or inappropriate coloration of some teeth
  • Worn out or uneven teeth

If you think that these factors can affect your smile forever, we’re glad to tell you they’re not! Aesthetic dentistry can fix all these problems and give you a beautiful crystal smile. Our cosmetic dentist, Dre Nathalie Bouchard, will develop a custom treatment plan to fix all these problems due to each patient’s condition. Our main goal is to create a beautiful smile especially for you.

Who said visiting a dentist is associated with pain? Our friendly atmosphere and advanced devices shall make your experience more than pleasant.

Once you visit us for a dental consultation and meet our professional team, you will forget about all your dental fears and only picture yourself getting your dream smile!


Our clients are our priority, we offer quality dental services with a team of specialists. More details about our services below.











We make it our mission to offer quality dental care adapted to each of our patient’s specific needs.

No matter the age or the needs of our clientele, our knowledge in all fields of dentistry ensures effective follow-up care for each of our patients. You will certainly find what you are looking for, whatever your dental need may be.

  • Dental exam and cleaning
  • Prevention and hygiene teaching
  • Dental cavity treatment, dental sealants
  • Gum treatment (periodontics)
  • Gingival grafs with hallogenic material
  • Root canal (endodontics)
  • Teeth whitening
  • Dental surgery (wisdom teeth extraction + grafts)
  • Crowns in a single appointment (Cerec) + Bridges
  • Wireless orthodontics (Invisalign)
  • Complete and partial dentures with and without implants
  • Snoring and sleep apnea treatment
  • Oral protectors
  • Treatment of jaw problems due to bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Anti-cavity varnish
  • Emergency



Helping You Achieve A Healthy

Smile That Will Last A Lifetime!




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We have another location at 11059 Rue de la Montagne Suite 270
Montreal, QC H3A 0B9, CA
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